It's easier than you think.

Every church can benefit from this amazing FREE service. Read on and we will give you an idea how it works.

What is required for hardware?

  1. A movie camera with a live output plus a tripod

  2. A hardware based video encoder

  3. Special encoder software

  4. A NOTEBOOK computer with HDMI output

  5. A custom built web page to allow the viewers access to the live stream you create using the computer

  6. A reliable internet connection to the computer
If you already own this type of equipment it can be used. If not we can supply it for you and set it up. Contact us for more info.

Camera & Tripod

  • Need A Website?

    • Let us help you customize a site for your church.
    • Already have a site? Great, we can create a live feed page similar in design to your current site.
      Click here for more info.
Next step - a web interface is custom built for you by our programmer similar to the interface found on this sample web site. ...check under online sermons

You would add a link to your existing web site or a whole new site can be built for you (view sample site to left).

This will be a user supported service so it costs the church nothing. The idea is that people who travel or who aren't well enough to attend church can view the sermons online and donate as they wish. This technology can also be used for weddings (and funerals) to bring the occasion to people that just cannot be there.

We will be using a mega LIVE STREAM Server which in turn will link to a fiber optic feed on line. This is where our overhead is. As soon as a number of churches start running simultaneously, huge swaths of bandwidth will be used, and we are hoping the people blessed by this ministry will support it, enabling us to grow enough to include all of Central Ontario one day.