My name is Robbin C. Smith, some call me Dr. Logick. About 2 1/2 years ago I started serving as the audio visual tech for a church in Barrie with a vision. One day a pastor called me out of the blue and said he heard I had set up a live feed for our sermons and asked what it would take for their church to broadcast sermons LIVE, as we were doing. I said about $10,000 to set up and about $1,500 a month. However, I said, "One day I could see all churches pulling together and splitting the costs so they all could afford to do it. He asked what that would look like and I explained..... having a large server room with 100mbs feed shared and a web site capable of linking it all using broadcast coding to each church. That has NOW been done and we can actually broadcast any event including conferences and weddings etc. There are no boundaries.

Some time after that conversation, the church I was with developed a new web site and lost the ability to link to their old site when the domain was transfered away. All the coding became inaccessible.

For a while there was nothing and I worked on developing a site that could indeed, link all church Live feeds (including my old church) and where each could pay a share of the technology. I was more than a little surprized when GOD told me to make it free to all and he would provide. Well in faith, I stepped out and true to his word he has provided every step of the way and it has been very exciting getting it all set to move ahead, slowly methodically and one step at a time. A key person to making this happen was Wendy Thorburn, an expert coding person who can build an interface for any church in a few hours, and she designed from the idea stage to the finished product. One might say GOD provided her.

When you are ready to go "live" I will teach you how to do this and we will bring the word to the world in a new wave, people will be saved and the shut in's will no longer have to watch People's Church on Tv to be fed, and they will feel a part of their own home church as it happens....LIVE. Just like being on TV without the expense.

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